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TalkTemari is the companion discussion group to ( ). It has been going strong since 1998, in one form or another, but its origins go back to a handful of people who  gathered together online in order to figure out & learn the ancient folk art of Japanese temari. Members are crafters/enthusiasts of these embroidered thread-wound balls, dedicated to learning about, preserving and crafting temari in the traditional form. TalkTemari welcomes everyone interested in the art regardless of experience (or not). The group strives to provide basic information right on up to advanced challenges, with the focus on authentic & traditional/historical Japanese teachings. We also explore related cultural and historical topics as they integrate into the understanding of Temari.
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  • JTA Info & Discussion
    This is a subgroup of TalkTemari, for the purpose of learning about and discussing general information about the Japan Temari Association and certification. It will also serve to aid in exam prep for those applying for eligible levels. Information about the Japan Temari Association and the certification process can be found on on the JTA certification info page. ( )
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  • Basics Corner StitchAlong Subgroup/TT
    The project has concluded and the subgroup is locked to activity until the next StitchAlong. Messages and files may be read at any time. Stay tune to TalkTemari for upcoming StitchAlongs. (10-22-2018). This TalkTemari subgroup is for basics, stitches, skills, etc. While it's directed towards those starting out, anyone is welcome to "watch and listen" to review and hone their skills.
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  • Beginner-Advanced Beginner StitchAlong Subgroup/TT
    There currently is no project in progress in this group. Watch for upcoming new ones! The subgroup is closed to subscribing until the next project. ============== The group is closed to subscribing while a project is in progress, so as to avoid confusion. Every wishing to join will be able to at the conclusion of an active project. This is a TalkTemari subgroup for Beginner and Advanced Beginner StitchAlongs; it's not for general discussion or chat. StitchAlongs are guided projects that are run periodically for members of the TalkTemari Main Group. Please review the StitchAlong information in the TT and Subgroup wikis.
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